Kirkpatrick Install Tensor Time & Attendance System

Kirkpatrick Ltd was founded in 1855 in Walsall. Since that date the Company has manufactured high quality malleable iron castings for a variety of uses. In 1997 Stephen Preston, Financial Director, was in charge of finding a new Time & Attendance system to replace their aging Blick system. Blick did not have a system that suited us and there were other issues with them which made us want to look elsewhere said Stephen.

After reviewing several systems Stephen decided to go for Tensor because Tensor was better value for money compared with it’s competitors and their Smart Cards were considered to be better suited to the environment of a foundry.

Tensor installed a WinTA Time & Attendance system for the 100+ workforce which comprised a clocking station with two additional Smart Card scanners and a controller to automatically trigger the factory hooter.

Stephen personally attended a WinTA training course at Hail Weston once the system was installed. The Tensor system does the job we want it to do, and even more! he explained, The system has taken away the manual calculations we were required to do using the old system. We still have to process timekeeping transactions to correct exceptions but we have definitely saved time with introduction of Tensor – and we can now get our weekly reports within minutes he exclaimed.

Kirkpatrick Ltd

Frederick Street
Town Wharf Business Park
West Midlands

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