KP Snacks’ Appetite Filled with Tensor

Tensor case study with KP Snacks

KP Snacks have been manufacturing some of the country's favourite snacks for nearly 70 years. The snacks include heritage favourites like Skips and Space Raiders; family brands like Hula Hoops, Pom-Bear and Butterkist as well as the famous ridged crisps, McCoy's and of course, KP Nuts.

With nearly 110 employees on-site in County Durham, KP Snacks first installed a Tensor time and attendance system and access control systems with the objectives “to replace the fire roll call paper-based system. Also from a time and attendance point-of-view, tracking people's absences to give us our KPI data and to track employees overtime,” according to Kelly Kirkbride, the HR Coordinator at KP Snacks.

Miss Kirkbride was the project leader for KP Snacks looking to improve HR matters. She said, “We didn’t explore any other companies. Tensor gave us everything that we needed so therefore that’s the system we went with.”

Thinking back to the hardware and software installations, Miss Kirkbride told the Tensor reporter: “The only initial issue we came across was to do with the biometric system, which was immediately rectified. We had the biometric system installed for 3-4 years then we transitioned across to the key fob system. Other than that it all went smoothly and there were no issues.”

When asked what the level of quality of the training she received was, the HR Coordinator said: “It was really good – I was then able to train our line manager to use the system.”

Miss Kirkbride told the Tensor reporter that they have never had to use the fire roll call in a serious situation, however “we do tests once a month with the fire roll call system to make sure it is still working correctly and it always gives us the information we need.”

Tensor’s Helpdesk is always on hand for customer queries, and provides a “great service” for KP Snacks. Miss Kirkbride added: “Whenever we have raised an issue, it has always been rectified.”

“It is easy to use and the absence planner is very clear and precise”, was Miss Kirkbride’s response when asked what she likes the most about the Tensor system. She added: “We can track our working time on the system and it’s really good that it’s a one-click system giving you all the information that’s required.”

Miss Kirkbride would “absolutely” recommend Tensor to other companies looking to install a time and attendance or access control system. Summing Tensor up in a few words, she said: “A very effective system that gives you the information that you need.”

Customer Information

KP Snacks
4 Tanfield Lea Industrial Estate
Tanfield Lea
Co Durham

Phone: 01207 291910

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