Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service’s Time & Attendance Issues Extinguished by Tensor

Tensor case study with Lancashire Fire & Rescue

Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service employs over 1,200 staff to provide a wide range of preventative and emergency response services. For more than 50 years it’s been their mission to make Lancashire a safer county to live and work — from responding to fires, to conducting school visits and giving fire safety advice in the home.

Their success is built on the hard work of their staff, which was evident when our Tensor reporter spoke to Amanda Hughes, HR & Payroll Administrator, to find out how they’ve been getting on with the Tensor smart card time and attendance system.

Prior to the installation, Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service’s HQ was in need of a time and attendance system that could also help with their access control needs. The then Head of HR, Brendan Hamilton, and the IT team worked together with Tensor to oversee the installation in order to streamline the day-to-day and administration side of their operations.

Amanda was there for the installation and remembers the impact Tensor’s systems made from the start. She said “We use Tensor for the flexi-balance options, recording the flexi-allowance. We set up variations of the shifts that our staff work to keep track; the new Tensor system saved us so much time.”

“We also set up the smart cards for access control with specific zone access,” she went on to tell the Tensor reporter, “the correct access for authorised personnel became one less thing to worry about.”

Amanda went on to recall the training undertaken, following the installation, with delight; mentioning “We picked it up quickly, making plenty of notes. We were given booklets to consult everybody was set up well.”

When asked what she likes about the system, having been part of their human resources set-up for over a decade now, her reply was short and sweet: “It’s easy to use. It does everything we need it to do.” Over the years too, Amanda and her team have spoken to the Tensor Helpdesk for support and advice, which she mentioned they have found to be “always very helpful.”

The Tensor reporter asked Amanda if she would recommend Tensor to others in the public sector, and she replied “I don’t see why not! It helps so much with accountability. If you want to make sure someone has clocked in and have a system take over the flexi-balance tracking, yes.” She continued, “I’ve always been an advocate for Tensor. It works. When you clock in and clock out, it works so well.”

When concluding the discussion, Amanda chose to sum up Tensor with a concise sentence: “A useful tool for Lancashire Fire & Rescue.”

Customer Information

Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service
Garstang Road

Phone: 01772 862545

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