Tensor Extend Long-Standing Relationship with Master Builders Solutions UK

Tensor case study with Master Builders Solutions

Master Builders Solutions UK manufactures concrete additives for infrastructure works and ready-mixed concrete plants across the UK and Ireland. Master Builders Solutions employs over 100 people across its three UK sites at Swinton, Redditch and Rochester.

“We started off with having the Tensor Clocking Machines for Time and Attendance”, Nigel Sloss, the Health & Safety Manager at Master Builders Solutions, told the Tensor reporter. “Since then we have added Tensor’s Access Control System including the Car Park Barrier and main access gate. We also use the Fire Roll Call app which gives us an instant fire register should we have a fire evacuation” he added.

“The clocking system was already on site when I joined years ago, and we still use it today. Then we had a complete site development in which we installed Tensor’s Access Control System across the entire site. Our sister site in Redditch is also in the process of having Tensor’s Door Access Control System installed too”, said Mr. Sloss.

When asked what his main aims and objectives were by installing Tensor’s Access Control System, Mr. Sloss replied, “To keep the site secure, to improve the Access Control System we already had, and to standardise the system we used across all the sites”. Why did Master Builders Solutions choose Tensor over its competitors? “Because Tensor offered all the solutions we needed in one package, which the other Access Control company we were using at the time didn’t”.

When asked if he had received any training on how to use the Tensor systems, Mr. Sloss replied, “Yes, we’ve had several training sessions with Tensor. Some have been on site and some have been over Teams as well. He described the quality of training as “Very good”. He added, “The Trainers are very knowledgeable and also managed to help us iron out a few glitches we’ve had on site which was down to people not fully understanding the system”.

As mentioned above, Master Builders Solutions use Tensor’s Fire Roll Call app. Mr. Sloss told the Tensor reporter that, “The system sends an email to the management team on site, and the management team can use the Fire Roll Call app on their mobile phones so the data of who is on/off site is instantly accessible. He added, “Thankfully, we have only used the Fire Roll Call for practice, and it’s great! You can actually check people off on the app so it just makes life so much easier”.

Has Mr. Sloss ever had to use the Tensor Helpdesk? “Yes”, said Mr. Sloss. “The Tensor Helpdesk has remote access to our systems so they can dial in and see what the issue is instantly. 9 times out of 10 it’s resolved there and then”.

Is Master Builders Solutions considering extending the Tensor systems they currently have installed? “At the moment it does everything we want it to do. We have considered some additionals such as an ANPR Camera on the Car Park Barrier but at this moment in time we aren’t going any further with that”.

When asked what he likes most about the Tensor systems at Master Builders Solutions, Mr. Sloss replied, “The Access Control for me. We have the option to use a Key Fob or a pin code, and on the main access gate we can even trigger it using remote control – it gives us flexibility to suit what we need”.

Would Mr. Sloss recommend Tensor to other companies looking to install Time and Attendance, Access Control or Car Park Barriers? “Yes, I would, definitely”, remarked Mr. Sloss.

Summing Tensor up in a few words, Mr. Sloss said, “Efficient. The installation team is very approachable and very helpful!”.

Customer information

Master Builders Solutions UK Ltd

Swinton Hall Road,



M27 4EU

Telephone: 0044 161 727 6300

Website: https://www.master-builders-solutions.com/en-gb

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