Northern Lighthouse Board Sets Sail with Tensor Access Control Systems

Northern Lighthouse Board

Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) are responsible for the waters that surround Scotland and the Isle of Man. NLB are classed as a critical infrastructure provider and currently maintain 207 lighthouses across Scotland and surrounding areas, with the view of building new lighthouses in years to come.

Over 200 employees at NLB share the mission of delivering in the most sustainable way practicable, a reliable, efficient and cost-effective Aids to Navigation service for the benefit and safety of all Mariners.

Mark Dunn, Technical Systems Manager at Northern Lighthouse Board, decided that the access control system that they had in place was not sufficient and an end-to-end system was required. When speaking to the tensor reporter, Mark said, “We had a system that was old and clunky so I had a look around the market and Tensor looked the best, so I invited Tensor to quote for the tender – that was a really good decision”. He added: “When I saw the demo for the Tensor system, it was a no-brainer, so slick and smooth. The whole system was head and shoulders above anything else that I’d seen”.

Northern Lighthouse Board has a vast range of Tensor’s access control systems in place, including access control smart card readers, electromagnetic locks and Tensor’s access control software, WinTA.NET, including the Self Service Module.

Upon reflection on both hardware and software installations, Mark was full of praise for Tensor, saying all installations “went very smoothly”. He added, “It was good that a lot of the equipment was pre-configured in the Tensor labs and shipped up here, so it was pretty much just plug and play when it arrived – so that made a big difference”.

Mr. Dunn wasn't only impressed with the smooth hardware and software installations, as he explained to the Tensor reporter that the training that both he and his colleagues received was “good, straightforward and covered everything we needed”.

“The aftersales Helpdesk is fantastic”, Mark said before mentioning that “when I phone up, my issue is always dealt with within an hour”.

When asked what he likes most about the Tensor systems installed across various lighthouses governed by Northern Lighthouse Board in Scotland, the Technical Systems Manager replied: “It is very user-friendly, and I think the fact that it just seems to work on its own without any issues”.

Mark believes Tensor is an integral part of the day-to-day running of NLB lighthouses in Scotland, and says that he “would definitely recommend Tensor” to other companies. Additionally, when asked if he could sum Tensor up in a few words, Mark replied with “Comprehensive, reliable and proactive”.

Customer Information

Northern Lighthouse Board

84 George Street



Tel: +44(0) 131 473 3100



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