Paragon ID's Seamless Journey with Tensor Time and Attendance System

Paragon ID's Seamless Journey with Tensor Time and Attendance System

Paragon ID is a globally renowned company that stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the field of identification and security solutions. With a rich history spanning decades, Paragon ID has consistently delivered cutting-edge technologies and services that empower organisations to enhance security, streamline operations, and engage with their customers more effectively.

Paragon ID, publicly traded on Euronext Paris, achieved a remarkable turnover of €1.5 billion in global sales and generated €131 million in revenue during the 2021 - 2022 financial year. Operating across 15 sites worldwide, Paragon ID serves as the workplace for a dedicated team of 10,000 employees spread across the globe.

This dynamic company has been a Tensor customer for a while and had the systems installed in 2017. Here, Khadija Hashi, the Head of PR at Paragon ID, shared the substantial benefits the system has brought to the company.

“The aim was to have one T&A system for all employees to be able to record and capture data to ensure payroll could be administered accurately,” said Khadija. For that reason, they found the solution in the Tensor Biometric Time and Attendance system, which they installed at their previous site in Boston before installing another one at their current site in Hull.

Khadija clarified that following the installation by Tensor engineers, there were no issues discovered with either the hardware or the software. Subsequently, in order to enhance their understanding of the system, Khadija, in her capacity as the HR manager, along with the IT manager and the payroll manager, participated in online training sessions.

On the topic of Tensor’s advantages, Khadija expressed her satisfaction, stating, "We appreciate the system's uniqueness tailored to individuals, thereby preventing fraudulent clockings." She was very happy with the system's ease of use, describing the Tensor system as “incredibly intuitive”. Khadija highlighted the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the Tensor products that they had deployed. This included the latest biometric sub-dermal fingerprint reading system and smart cards; all of which proved to be a vote-winner with employees.

Having been a Tensor loyal customer for years, the Tensor reporter asked if they had ever used the Tensor HelpDesk or its repair services for their system. She responded with, "No, and we have never reached out to the help desk either. The system has proved to be very reliable.

What we like the most about the Tensor system is its software package. It’s an effective Time & Attendance system, and its holiday module that we found worked effectively for us.” said Khadija.

Would Khadija recommend Tensor to other companies looking to install a Time and Attendance? "Yes, sure!” said Khadija.

Summing up her experience with Tensor in a few words, she concluded, "It's easy to use, effective, and economically advantageous."

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