Queensgate Shop With Tensor

Queensgate Shopping Centre dominates the centre of Peterborough. It is owned by Norwich Union and managed by Jones Lang LaSalle. The centre is completely covered, has two shopping levels and over 90 shops. The anchor stores are John Lewis, Waitrose, BHS, M&S, H&M, Boots and Argos.

The Centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which involves staff working various shift patterns. Frank Grant, Centre Manager, was looking for a time and attendance system to record the hours of the cleaning, security and other operational staff which would enable them to move from the paper timesheet system that had been in operation since the Centre opened in 1982.

"We choose an electronic system so the responsibility for clocking in and out was placed on the individual employee instead of the Shift Leaders who completed the paper system" said Daphne Renshaw, Staff Manager, "and although initially, as with any new system, some employees may have had concerns, the Smart Cards are so easy to use they are now quite happy with it"

The Ethernet based installation was completed by Tensor and the Administration Manager, Eunice Tooley, and Daphne attended a training course at Hail Weston prior to the system being installed.

Remarked Daphne:

  • "The Tensor system is very easy to operate which makes adding employees and new shifts a simple process"
  • "Because I have set up a system of recording overtime it’s easy to see whether or not an employee should get paid for time clocked outside their normal shift and as a result there are fewer payroll queries with the Tensor system compared to the paper timesheets."
  • "We use the standard reports to monitor clocking exceptions and absences."
  • "If I raise a query with Tensor they always get back to me quickly. The response from helpdesk is very good!"

Daphne told the Tensor reporter, "As the site is so big, we are in the process of installing a Tensor fire roll-call printer to get an automatic roll-call of all employees in the event of an emergency."

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