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Ranheat design, manufacture and install a complete range of equipment dealing with extracting energy from wood waste. This includes wood burning boilers and heaters, automatic feed systems and chimneys and ancillary components.

The directors of the company, Chris & Barbara Franklin were in search of a new reliable clocking system for their factory in Northampton. They also wanted an integrated system that would produce job costing information and feed data into their Sage accounting and payroll system. Ranheat reviewed what was available in the market including systems from Time Management Systems and Tensor. They chose Tensor because "the price and delivery was very attractive and Tensor had the links to our existing systems" said Procurement Manager, Nikki Whittle.

Tensor then seamlessly installed a WinTA Lite Smart Card Based Time & Attendance and Job Booking system to the company. No problems were encountered with the hardware installation and a minor problem during the software installation was swiftly fixed.

Asked what she considered were the main advantages of Tensor over its competitors, Nikki said "the price of the Tensor package and what was included within that package".

Nikki and two other people were trained by Tensor on how to use the WinTA Lite system. "Excellent! Everything was very thorough and any questions were answered" was Nikki’s view of the training quality.

Nikki feels that they use the Tensor system to good effect and that it does exactly what they need it to do. Nikki explained that all employees clock in/out and also book onto jobs to enable Ranheat to calculate the cost of each job. Holidays/Sickness are all input, as well as absence and lateness.

Asked what she liked most about the Tensor system, Nikki said "once it is set up, just by clicking a couple of buttons you can see who is on site, what time they came in and what job they are working on". Nikki also said "The Tensor Smart Cards make the clocking in and out process extremely easy for anyone to use”.

Nikki described the Tensor Helpdesk as "Very reliable and extremely helpful"; and would Nikki recommend Tensor to other companies? "I would recommend Tensor to other companies especially if they require job costing", was the reply.

Summing up Tensor in a few words Nikki concluded, "Tensor offer a reasonable priced clocking system that is very effective and an essential tool to larger companies".

Ranheat Engineering Limited

62 St James Mill Road,



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