Tensor Lights a Time, Attendance & Access Control Path at Supplies for Candles

Tensor case study with Supplies for Candles

Supplies for Candles are a supplier of high-quality candle-making goods based in South Yorkshire. Since 2016, their mission has been a simple one: to provide candle-making and wax melt supplies to the masses — with a range of fragrances and oils as wide as their prices are affordable.

Following a successful year of growth for the business, Supplies for Candles decided to invest in a new time and attendance and access control system to replace their existing one. Their Operations Manager, Shaun Greenfield, who had used Tensor at his old company, Apollo Chemicals, decided that Tensor would be the best system for Supplies for Candles. “When I first started here back a couple of years ago, I had my reservations about the existing clocking system,” said Shaun, “It had a lot of shortcomings – for example, you could only download data once a week via. a memory stick.”

As time went by and Shaun settled into his new role, he could only describe the existing system as not fit for purpose. So, taking the initiative just as he did previously, he got in touch with Tensor.

“I’ve used many T&A systems, but Tensor’s is the most adaptable. So I got a quote, went to the company owner…” and Tensor got to work.

The installation was completed without any significant problems affecting either the hardware or software installation, despite the Covid19 pandemic.

In terms of hardware, the Tensor system deployed at Supplies for Candles comprises a Tensor T3200 clocking station, multiple T1700 smart card readers and associated smart cards. The software is Tensor’s WinTA.NET, which manages both attendance monitoring and access control.

Asked what he liked most about the Tensor system, Shaun replied, “it's very, very simple to use for our employees.”

Shaun described that he’s eager to push the system to its limits. “In July, we’re going to a 4-on 4-off shift pattern. Tensor can accommodate all of that and it’s going to save us those annoying manual adjustments,” he said.

“It’s reassuring to know that the Tensor helpdesk is always at hand,” said Shaun when asked about the quality of Tensor’s services “any issues have been met with a quick response and resolution.”

With an eye on the future, Shaun is looking to implement the Tensor mobile phone Self-Service Module (SSM) to take over their existing manual method of booking annual leave and the possibility of more equipment at a second site.

SSM allows employees, via. a browser or a mobile phone, to clock in/out, request leave or register for fire roll call; thereby reducing paper usage, streamlining the business whilst being more eco-conscious - all in one!

Would Shaun recommend Tensor to other businesses? “Definitely” was the response, as he concluded the interview with “Tensor are flexible, adaptable, and the company is on the ball. You give us everything we need.”

Customer Information

Supplies for Candles
Unit E
Swinton Bridge Industrial Estate
White Lea Road
S64 8BH

Website: suppliesforcandles.co.uk
Phone: 01709 257151
Email: customerservice@suppliesforcandles.co.uk

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