Tensor Bolsters Site Security & Monitors Staff Attendance for Bioquell


Bioquell are world leaders in providing bio-decontamination systems and services using specialist hydrogen peroxide vapour bio-decontamination equipment in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare sectors. Their unique Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour decontamination technology has been used across the globe to eradicate problematic bacteria, viruses and fungi, throughout a wide range of applications.

The company’s systems provide ‘residue-free’, safe and repeatable sterilisation of rooms, buildings, equipment and sensitive electronics, making Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour the clear alternative when replacing traditional decontaminants such as formaldehyde or chlorine-based products.

As a global organisation, Bioquell has premises all over the world. Their UK headquarters are located in Andover, Hampshire. The company employs approximately 250 members of staff in the UK, with 150 of them working across the two sites where the Tensor systems have been installed.

Bioquell originally approached Tensor back in regards to a system which could handle both electronic access control and time and attendance.

IT Manager Andrew Barr wasn’t yet working for the company when the Tensor Access Control and Time and Attendance system was first installed, but he believes that the main objectives in choosing it had been to “further improve security in terms of access around the sites,” and to “streamline the workflow.”

The Tensor Access Control / Time and Attendance System was installed at Bioquell and comprise the following hardware components:

  • 2x T32xx 32-bit clocking terminals. These innovative clocks can read smartcards through non-metallic objects, enabling smartcards to be stored conveniently in wallets or pockets. Their large colour screen makes it easy to confirm clocked transactions, read messages, check holiday balances, check flexi-time hours or book onto jobs. Each clock can store details for up to 8,000 employees.
  • A number of smart-card readers for access control. These are compatible with smartcards, biometrics or PINs, while the controller includes a number of useful features such as an intruder alarm and inhibitor/alarm lockdowns by zone.

Software-wise, Bioquell opted for:

  • The flagship WinTA.NET software, which is ideal for total control over the creation of working rules, Time and Attendance, Job Costing and System Security.
  • The Badge Designer add-on module, a sub-set of our MCVS system which enables you to produce your own design of ID badges on your PC using a simple graphical interface.
  • The innovative Self-Service Module (SSM) which allows employees to clock themselves in and out from their browser or on their mobile phones, say whether they are going off-site for fire roll call purposes, request leave and even book onto jobs.

Bioquell staff received training on how to use the Tensor WinTA.NET system when it was originally installed and Andrew has received further training from Tensor staff. Andrew commented that the quality of the training was “good and informative.”

Bioquell currently use the Tensor system for Access Control and Attendance Monitoring, particularly Staff Holiday Planning. Andrew plans to extend its use, saying “there are a number of features I would like to implement and improve in due course.”

  • Firstly, he wants to make better use of the Access Control elements to further secure the site with different levels of access for different profiles.
  • Secondly, he wants to explore the Tensor system to find ways to make Bioquell’s systems even more efficient, such as utilising the reporting wizard capabilities built in the Tensor WinTA.NET software.

Bioquell also use Tensor’s integrated Fire Roll Call, triggered automatically from the fire alarm system.

On activation, an automatic roll-call report is printed, listing the names and departments of cardholders who are on-site. Doors can also be configured to unlock automatically when the fire alarm triggers, and to lock again once the fire alarm is reset.

Reports can be grouped by a cardholder’s default resident fire point or by the fire point onto which they are currently assigned. Printers are connected either via a direct cable connection or IP point and can be limited to reporting upon specific zones or fire points.

The Fire Roll Call feature in Bioquell’s Tensor system has so far been used for full evacuation drills, without any real incidents occurring. It has worked very well and has become a very useful asset for Bioquell’s health and safety procedures.

When asked what he likes most about Tensor, Andrew replied, “the system as a whole does what we need it to do. It works.” He also likes the ease-of-use of the Tensor smart cards, given that some areas on-site store potentially hazardous materials so need quick access coupled with reliable security. “The smartcards do their job,” he said.

Tensor’s Operations Department engineers have visited the Bioquell sites a few times to add new hardware, update software and fix small issues. “The service was good on each occasion,” Andrew told the Tensor reporter.

Summing up his experience of the Tensor system, Andrew concluded, “It’s a complete door access system that works and has produced a significant increase in security.”

Company Information

Bioquell Plc
52 Royce Close
West Portway
SP10 3TS

Website: bioquell.com
Phone: 01264 835 900
Email: enquiries@bioquell.com

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