Wilton Bradley Rest Easy with Tensor's Access Control and Time & Attendance Systems

Tensor case study with Wilton Bradley

Wilton Bradley Ltd specialises in the design, development and supply of quality consumer leisure goods. They supply branded goods to specialist retailers and source a range of products for many of the world’s leading retailers.

Based in Newton Abbot, Devon, Wilton Bradley has 150 employees, which rises to 200 when Wilton Bradley Holdings group is included.

Furthermore, the HR Manager, James Chamberlain, decided that the company was in need of an access control system as well as a time and attendance system to cope with the management of the staff at their sites.

Tensor was selected and the system installation was completed immediately, which included three fingerprint readers, five clocking stations, a Self Service Module (SSM) as well as the AC.NET and TA.NET software authored by Tensor.

Mr. Chamberlain said, “We looked at various systems and companies over the years but they all came back too expensive and did not do everything we needed. We wanted a system that was, A, reasonably priced and, B, would provide accurate clocking data and excellent analysis software – Tensor provided this.”

“It was a no-brainer!” Mr. Chamberlain exclaimed to the Tensor reporter when asked why he chose Tensor. He added, “Tensor was the best value compared to other systems and it covered everything we wanted it to. The biometric system and SSM system was a bonus.”

Tensor offers training courses with all of its systems to ensure that users are comfortable with the system and know how to use them. The training for Wilton Bradley was described as “very good” by their HR Manager. He was so impressed that when a second training session was offered, he felt as though he had already got to grips with the system.

When asked what he likes most about Tensor, Mr. Chamberlain replied, “The SSM. It is brilliant and really user friendly”, adding, “very few people have come back to me to ask how to use the SSM mobile phone app because it’s so simple and easy to use.”

Mr. Chamberlain explained that he opted for the Tensor fingerprint readers from “a security point-of-view”,with the majority of employees using the fingerprint scanners to gain access and clock their times. However, Tensor’s smart key-fobs are used for some other staff, such as the cleaners.

Describing his experience with Tensor’s Helpdesk, “very helpful” were the words used by Mr. Chamberlain. He added that he had been in touch with the Tensor Helpdesk on a few occasions and every time they “always managed to help.”

When asked whether Wilton Bradley had any plans to extend their current Tensor system, Mr. Chamberlain explained “for now we have everything we need” in order to successfully manage a busy and evolving workforce.

Would Wilton Bradley recommend Tensor to other companies? “Yes” was the answer. “If a company were looking for a comprehensive security system then I would recommend Tensor” concluded the HR Manager.

Summing up Tensor in a few words Mr. Chamberlain said, “A friendly and helpful company”.

Customer Information

Wilton Bradley Ltd
8 Wentworth Road
Heathfield Industrial Estate
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6TL

Website: wiltonbradley.com
Phone: 01626 835400
Email: sales@wiltonbradley.co.uk

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