Biometric Time and Attendance: Making Your Business Modern


Biometric time and attendance systems, including fingerprint readers and facial recognition time and attendance, have the ability to bring your business into the 21st century and modernise the day-to-day proceedings within the company.

Biometric time and attendance can not only allow your business to move out from the past with a paper clocking system by matching facial features and fingerprint readings to a database of recordings, but it can also guarantee the highest level of technically advanced security for your business.

What is biometric time and attendance?

Biometric time and attendance is a system that uses both fingerprint readings and facial features to clock employees in and out of their shifts while keeping an honest and accurate recording of working hours.

Fingerprints are converted into a code through an algorithm, which is then stored on a database for when that employee next uses the system to clock in or out of their shift. When the employee next uses the fingerprint scanner, a comparison is made between the reading and the fingerprints stored in the database. If both match up, then the employee is automatically clocked into their shift and granted access to the site.

Facial recognition time and attendance has the ability to distinguish between a real face and a photograph, whether this is in the daytime or the night time, rain or shine.

Modernise your business with biometric time and attendance

Biometric time and attendance is capable of bringing any business into the 21st century. With the most up-to-date and advanced technology, our biometric time and attendance system can streamline your business operations and provide a fast, easy and reliable method for employees to clock themselves in and out of their shift.

A time and attendance system, whether it's biometric, facial recognition or even smart card time and attendance, will always guarantee to eliminate the old-school paper registration forms for your business. Not only does this give employees a quick and easy way of clocking in and out of their shifts, but it also gives employers an honest recording of the hours worked by employees. This is especially important as it allows businesses to keep up with the times and allow employees to work from home through the use of our time and attendance software.

Improve business security with biometric time and attendance

Biometric time and attendance can better run your business and streamline workforce management, but it can also ensure your building is safe and secure at all times.

This is possible due to the time and attendance system acting as an access control system, granting access to authorised personnel and denying access to unauthorised personnel. This gives employers complete control over who is granted access onto their site. Fingerprints, along with other biometric readings such as facial readings, can be removed from the database should an employee leave or be suspended. For extra security, access can be denied after working hours to ensure employees cannot gain access to the building after a specific time.

Download our biometric time and attendance brochure

For more information on our biometric time and attendance system, or any of our other advanced time and attendance systems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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