Improve your Visitor Monitoring with Photo ID Badges

Visitor Monitoring System

Visitor Monitoring has become essential to guarantee the security of your business and the security for people on-site.

According to the latest data, robbery offences in the UK decreased last year due to Covid-19 pandemic. However, this number is expected to grow now that all social restrictions have eased. This article sets out to explain how you can improve your visitor management by using a Visitor Management System and Photo Badges.

Visitor Management Systems

Tensor’s Visitor Monitoring System, called WinMCVS.NET, is a web-based system which will enable you to better control visitors in your facilities. It allows you to book visitor meetings in advance and pre-book on-site contractors. Once an appointment is booked the system records all visitor details and automatic emails are dispatched to visitors, helping you to confirm the appointment’s date, location and time. When the visitor arrives, a further email is sent to the appointment host to notify the visitor's arrival. In addition to booking visitor meetings in advance, our Visitor Management System allows users to have an appointment diary that organises and displays the scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly appointments.

Badge Designer and ID Card Printer

Our Visitor Management System, that can also be integrated with an access system, includes a Badge Designer. Our Badge Designer is a user-friendly badge printing system that is capable of producing id cards and registering people in the system who have possession of photo id badges. It enables you to have a graphical interface which can design as many badge templates as you wish while including the following information:

ID Card Printers

  • Static Text, such as labels, headings, and explanatory, will be displayed in every badge id
  • Text Sourced from the System Database, for instance, a visitor’s name or employee’s number
  • Static Images include corporate logos or accreditations and they are shown on every id badge
  • Dynamic Images, such as employees’ or visitors’ photographs and signatures
  • Static barcodes that are printed on every photo badge
  • Dynamic Barcodes include person-specific details such as visitor registration codes and employee codes

Once the photo badges have been designed, they can be printed both on the front and reverse sides of the id badge with our ID Card Printers.

Download our Badge Designer brochure

For more information regarding our Visitor Management System / Badge Designer and to learn more about how to improve security in your workplace, improve the customer service and streamline the front desk operations, then please do not hesitate to book a demo with us or get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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