Main Benefits of Installing Car Park Barriers & Gates for your Business

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If you’re looking to improve the security of your premises and car park, then gates, barriers and turnstiles are the perfect solution for you. This article sets out to explain the main features of our barriers and gates and what the main benefits of installing them are for your business.

Access Control Barrier Systems

Access control barrier systems are access control security systems able to raise the security of all business sizes, as well as monitoring vehicles that enter and leave the site. Suitable to work also in extreme weather conditions, barriers can be integrated with other access control systems such as smart card access control systems, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems, and digital CCTV systems.

Access control barrier systems can be classified in car park barriers, barrier skirts, fencing, parking posts and static or automatic bollards.

  • Tensor’s car park barriers are white aluminium barriers with a highly visible red reflective stripe that can be up to six metres long.
  • A barrier skirt combines the features of barriers and gates in a single product but at a significantly lower price. It does not allow people to pass under the barrier and have access to an unauthorised area.
Access Control Barrier System
  • Metallic fencing is a money-saving solution to protect a field or an area from vandalism. They can also be integrated with bolt-down posts for fixing to concrete and different colours are available.
  • Made of aluminium or cast iron, parking posts are poles firmly fixed to the ground which can be unlocked any time to permit vehicle parkings. They can be used for either private property parking areas and private business parking areas.
  • Static bollards, made of wood or cast iron, are a perfect economical solution to border areas or to separate pedestrians from traffic.
  • Finally, automatic bollards are an efficient way to control the access on private roads, residential houses, and restricted parking facilities. Furthermore, they can also be integrated with access control cards or a fire roll call system.

Access Control Gates

An access control gate is usually installed at the entrance of a site and has the purpose of monitoring the access to facilities, such as offices, houses and/or car parks, for employees, contributors and visitors.

Our Automatic Electric Gates differentiate themselves from the competition for offering a top class security service even in extreme weather conditions. An automatic electric gate can be implemented, as well as barriers, with access systems like smart cards and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). ANPR uses an Optical Character recognition (OCR) Technology to instantaneously and accurately identify a car’s number plate. Although it is often used by the police for spotting stolen vehicles and speeding offences, Automatic Number Plate Recognition is used by businesses to increment the security and to streamline the entrance and the exit of vehicles in and from the site.

Access Control Gate

12 Main Benefits of Barriers & Gates

1. Barriers and Gates will allow you to save money in the long run

Even though the initial installation of barriers might not be cheap, it is extremely cost-effective when considering the long-term investment. Indeed, not only do they protect your most valuable assets from potential thieves or vandals, but they save money in terms of staff salaries as no security guards are needed at the entrance and exit of the facility.

2. Barriers and Gates require low maintenance

Tensor’s barriers and gates are made of materials resistant to corrosion and extreme weather conditions. In the long term, this feature will allow you to save costs, as it will not be necessary to repair or replace malfunctioning or damaged product parts.

3. Improve business security

Indisputably, a barrier or gate improves security by granting access to the facility to authorised personnel only.

4. Improve business privacy

Some businesses that operate in competitive markets or sensitive areas need to have more privacy than other businesses. Gates and barriers are outstanding for this because they deny access to unauthorised people and do not let them see what is beyond the gate or barrier.

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5. Gates and barriers are user friendly

They are one of the simplest access control systems to use, without compromising efficiency.

6. Barriers and gates control entrances and exits

Some access control systems, such as CCTV surveillance, can help with this, but as the barriers and gates are physical, they allow greater control of vehicles and people entering and leaving the facility.

7. Barriers and gates grant access only to certain types of vehicles

Depending on the size of the gates and barriers, they ensure that only certain types of vehicles can enter the facility.

8. They can be integrated with other access control systems

Gates and barriers can be implemented with other access systems such as high-definition CCTV, access control cards, ANPR, intercoms, and so forth.

9. Barriers and gates improve your brand image and reputation

Installing gates and barriers shows that you take care of your assets, your facilities, your employees and your customers.

10. Streamline the entry & exit process for vehicles and people

Gates and barriers, integrated with other access systems, speed up and streamline entry and exit processes, as well as provide greater security.

11. Gates and barriers reduce the number of crime attempts

They deter possible criminals from trying to commit a crime in your facilities such as robbery or vandalism.

12. Barriers and gates outline the perimeter of your site

It may happen that people accidentally invade the property of a business because the perimeter is poorly defined. With barriers and gates, the perimeter is well defined and will therefore avoid uncertainties.

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