Discover 8 New Features and Improvements in the Latest Tensor.NET Version

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

The Suprema Biometric Facial Reader (Facestation F2) has now been implemented into this version. The Suprema FaceStation F2 is a fusion multimodal terminal with unmatched face recognition performance. These features are documented separately in Tensor.NET FaceStation F2 Fusion Integration and is available on request.

FaceStation F2 Fusion Integration

SSM Login App – A couple of options have been added to SSM Login app to enhance its functionality.

  • A new option has been added to enable the login via Username and Password for those who can't or won’t enrol a finger and don’t have Card Readers. There is now a "Login via Username and Password" option on the context menu. Clicking this will take the user to the SSM login screen and the user signs in as usual. The SSM Login App document has been updated to include the full details.
  • A new option has been added to increase the security of the SSM Login App. The new option allows the User to enter a password, If no password has been entered everything works as normal, however once a password has been entered the SSM login app will have its settings disabled. This includes the "Load On Start Up" and "Enable Diagnostic Messages" settings on the context menu and all the controls on the "About" page. The SSM Login App document has been updated to include the full details.

Employee Importer – A request was made for a new field (Nationality) to be added to the Tensor Employee importer. The interface service has been modified to accommodate the changes.

Employee Rosters - When adding a temporary roster change, the roster details are updated on the employee record during that time to always show the roster that the employee is currently on. A new option has now been added so users are able to see the ‘Permanent Roster’ information as well. Use the ‘Field chooser’ options to add this onto column display as shown here.

Employee Rosters


Salary Details and Birthday Reminders – The functionality in the processing engine was found to be missing for these options but has now been added back in. This created a problem when editing an entry and saving, the remaining dates went back to zero.

Customer Resolutions

A fault was reported when copying Auto-Reports. After copying a report, the filters were found to be missing from the copied report, this has now been resolved in this version.

Tensor.NET Version - SSM

New Features and Enhancements

Supervisory Absence Planner – Two new options have been added that allows the Super Users to view Bradford Factor points and Entitlements for all staff. Navigate to Administration -> Role Management -> Role Options -> Absences & Shifts to reveal the options shown here. Once enabled, click the “ Show All Employees” button to display the new options.

Supervisory Absence Planner

Timesheet edit screens - After choosing the ‘Edit’ option, the following screen is shown and has undergone a couple of enhancements.

  • The 'Add Clockings' and 'Delete Clockings' buttons have been moved to inside the modal to make it easier for Users when making the amendments.
  • A new ‘View Physical Clockings’ option has been added to allow employee to see clocking made on the day.
Timesheet edit screens

Uploading Documents – A new option has been added to allow SSM users the ability to upload documents to an Absence Request. i.e Doctors Sick Notes or Dentist Appointments. The Supervisor is able to see the documents when viewing the request on the Tasks / Requests page. The user will be now be able to see the documents of their own requests on the Absence Planner page once the request is approved, the document will be assigned to the absence and is also visible from the main applications absence planner. Note: A new role option has been added and must be enabled on the User’s assigned Role.

Uploading Documents


Supervisory Absence Planner – The 'Entitlement Category' label was found to be incorrectly displaying under the ‘All Employees’ grid, this has now been removed.

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