What is a Visitor Management System and Which Sectors Benefit Most From One

Visitor Management System

In this increasingly globalised world, many industries have to carry out an activity which, if not carried out correctly, could create numerous problems for the company: visitor monitoring.

This article shows how a visitor management system, such as the Tensor Monitoring of Contractors and Visitor System and the Tensor Self-Service Visitor Management App, permits to improve security in the workplace, improve the customer service and streamline the front desk operations. Furthermore, the industries that can benefit the most from using a visitor management system are listed.

Tensor Monitoring of Contractors and Visitor Control System

The Tensor Monitoring of Contractors and Visitor System, also called WinMCVS.NET, is a web-based software that enables better management of visitor monitoring within the site. Through the app on the computer or the internet browser, it is possible to book in advance the visitor meetings, both single and multiple day appointments, and with one or more participants. After reservation, all the parties receive an email with all the details about the appointment such as the date, the time, and location. Among the many features of this visitor management software, one that massively streamlines visitor control activities is the appointment diary. It displays the scheduled daily, weekly and monthly appointments, splitting out them in pending, late, or missed, allowing you to set new appointments and check-in or out visitors.

The Tensor’s visitor monitoring system can be also integrated with an access control security system. Visitors will receive smart cards pre-allocated for visitor use. These smartcards will grant or deny access to the person based on the areas they are allowed to visit.

Tensor Self-Service Visitor Management (SSVM) App

Tensor Self-Service Visitor Management App, compatible with iOS and Android, is a self-service visitor registration software that requires visitors to check in or out against a pre-planned meeting or book a new one. Equipped with advanced technologies such as the facial recognition system, our visitor control system enable to streamline visitor check-in and out processes, handle meetings for multiple areas within a site, check-in or out with different options such as call sign, QR code, bar code, etc., put visitors on the live fire roll call list so that the organisation can instantly adopt all the security measures needed in an emergency scenario.

Visitor Management System

4 sectors that can benefit from a Visitor Management System

1. Prisons

Our Tensor Prison Pass is a computer-based pass software specifically developed for visitor management of prisons. It permits visitors to verify identities and movements within the site, to pre-book by legal representatives, contractors, and inmate visitors. The visitor management system also includes a digital camera or eyeball which takes photographs that are then immediately printed out to easily identify visitors. The printed id badge will then be swiped in a controlled monitor point which will display the picture in a digital monitor, facilitating identity verification by the HM Prison Officer. A peculiarity of this software that differentiates it from other visitor control systems is the biometric access control. In fact, along with a badge id, fingerprints and facial recognition can be used as a tool to improve the security of the site.

id badge
visitor monitoring

2. Education

Visitor management systems can be used in schools, universities, and education centres to create a safe environment for pupils, staff, and visitors. Photo id badges would be an additional weapon to more easily identify people in the building and to regulate access to specific areas or rooms. Furthermore, the Tensor visitor management system allows streamlining the sign-in process of visitors such as parents, relatives, and contractors.

3. Offices

As with education, a visitor management system can assist your company's receptionists by ensuring greater security for company staff, reducing waiting times for visitors, and making a great first impression.

4. Medical

Hospitals and doctor offices are particularly busy due to the large number of people that visit them, such as patients, relatives, friends, staff, suppliers, and so forth. The use of paper sign-in sheets slows down the visitors' sign-in process and makes it easier to make mistakes. A visitor monitoring system would not only solve all these problems but also give the hospital or medical office a better image in terms of customer service and efficiency.

For more information regarding our Visitor Management System and to learn more about how to improve security in your workplace, improve the customer service and streamline the front desk operations, then please do not hesitate to book a demo with us or get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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