5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control is essential for businesses going forward, providing the latest Access Control technology on the market alongside the strictest of security measures.

We’ve put together five reasons why your business should install a Biometric Access Control System.

Biometric Access Control is Ultra Secure

A Biometric Access Control System, whether it’s Facial Recognition Access Control or Fingerprint Access Control, takes a businesses security measures to the next level.

Biometric Access Control ensures that only authorised personnel have the ability to gain access through a restricted door. This is something that could be possible with Smart Card Access Control due to Smart Cards being able to be passed around from employee to employee, or even lost or stolen.

An employee's biometric features are scanned and stored on the Access Control database, which are then scanned and compared to the face or fingerprint that is presented at the scanner.

Provides an Accurate Audit Trail

Using Biometrics for Access Control will ensure that entry records are completely accurate and will provide reliable data. Biometric Access Control eliminates the poor audit trail provided by Smart Card Access Control, where employees could share Smart Cards and Key Fobs and access any room they wanted without permission to do so.

A Biometric System will also alert those in control should an attempt to access a door be unauthorised and access was denied. This extra layer of security can also inform users exactly who attempted to enter the room and when.

Easy-to-use Biometric Access Control

Using a Biometric Access Control System is easy. You don’t need anything at all apart from the individual's face or fingerprint to scan. Post installation and employee database set up, a Biometric Access Control System is fast, reliable and extremely easy-to-use.

The time it takes users to scan a Smart Card or Key Fob, is the same amount of time (if not longer) than it would take for a user to scan their face or fingerprint. A Biometric System is certainly more user-friendly, as it removes human error from the access process, such as forgetting Smart Cards or a passcode.

Biometric Access Control

Enhanced Access Control Management

An Access Control System allows easy management of access on a premise or across multiple premises. After employees have their biological data stored in the Access Control database, each person’s access rights can be managed from one central system, even over numerous locations.

Users can easily grant or deny access for individuals depending on their access levels, all from the ease of the Access Control Software. With Biometric Access Control, there is no requirement to reuse and recycle Smart Cards as a person’s biometric access can be removed or changed accordingly.

A Long-Term Investment

It is fair to say that the cost of a Biometric Access Control System is slightly higher than the cost of other Access Control Systems. However, installing a Biometric System into a business is a money-saver in the long run.

With a Biometric Access Control System, businesses do not have to pay for security guards to man the premises during closed hours, and also escape the cost of having to regularly pay for new Smart Cards or Key Fobs should there be a new starter or they are lost or stolen by employees.

Biometric Access Control brochure (Indoor)

Biometric Access Control brochure (Outdoor)

For further information regarding Biometric Access Control Systems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today, who will be happy to help.

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