A Time & Attendance System for Remote and Hybrid Working

A Time & Attendance System for Remote and Hybrid Working

Implementing a Time and Attendance System is now a necessity for almost all businesses going forward.

As we move closer to the moment in time where almost all companies and organisations are transitioning from full-time office working, to a combination of both hybrid and remote working, it has now become even more crucial to have a Time and Attendance System in place to help cope with the demand of the new working era.

Time and Attendance for Remote & Hybrid Workers

At the beginning of 2022, almost 85% of employees who were forced to work from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic said that they were planning to continue working from home as well as in the office, to become a hybrid worker.

This can have huge benefits for both the company and the employees. Not only will a hybrid working model, or full-time remote working model, mean lower building maintenance costs for companies, but it will also ensure better retention of staff as commuting will not be an issue. As for employees, the benefits of a hybrid working model are endless. Not only can they work in the comfort of their own home, but they can save money on fuel, train and bus prices, as well as having the feeling of being trusted by their employer.

Hybrid Working

This trust, however, is the most important aspect of a successful hybrid or remote working model. This is why a Time and Attendance System is crucial for hybrid working to work as it should. Here’s why:

Time & Attendance is Crucial for a Successful Hybrid Working Model

By installing a Time and Attendance System you can be sure that employees are starting work on time and finishing when they should be, even when they’re working from home, unsupervised.

Attendance Management is everything in a successful hybrid working model. Without a Time and Attendance System in place, you could fall victim to time fraud, whereby employees work much shorter hours than you are paying them for.

Time and Attendance

Time fraud can ultimately result in inefficient work produced, meaning important deadlines can be missed and money for the business can be lost. Not only this, but it could also result in inaccurate payroll, where employees are paid more than the hours they have actually worked.

Tensor’s Time and Attendance - Perfect for Hybrid & Remote Working

Tensor’s cost-effective hardware and software for Time and Attendance is the perfect solution for dealing with a hybrid and remote working model.

For hybrid working, Time and Attendance clocking machines (hardware) is still required for the days when employees commute to the office. Our Clocking Terminals can be operated using Smart Cards or key fobs, as well as Fingerprint Recognition and Facial Recognition (Biometric Time and Attendance).

As mentioned, these easy-install Clocking Systems can be operated using Smart Cards, which can be easily assigned and re-assigned to employees should they be mis-placed. Biometric Time and Attendance offers a more accurate clocking record, as biometric features cannot be duplicated and are stored within the Time and Attendance software database.

For remote working, and the days where hybrid employees are working from home, our Time and Attendance software provides both employers and employees with everything required for a smooth and streamlined working from home experience.

Our Time and Attendance software provides users with the Self-Service Module (SSM) - a clock in system for remote workforce. This is an app that allows employees to clock in or out of shifts from a mobile phone, laptop or computer.

The SSM may also be used by employees to book themselves on or off the fire evacuation list should they be present in the office. Additionally, the SSM can be used to request new periods of absence, cancel pending absence requests or cancel approved absence requests that have not yet occurred.

If you would like to know more about our Time and Attendance System, and how it could benefit your business going into a hybrid working model, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today!

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