Access control software and system meets international security standards

An investigation by the BBC has found organised crime gangs are behind more than half of all shoplifting in the UK. The biggest shoplifting team is believed to be run by one of Scotland's most notorious crime family, making millions in the past year on this activity alone. The BBC probe found that half of all shoplifting is now committed by professional steal-to-order gangs. The crime of shoplifting has soared up over the past year by nearly 20%, costing retailers almost £5bn.

The T3512 is a one door smart card access control system that has everything you need for controlling access through a single door and is suitable for all types of businesses. It comprises a T3511 controller, the latest .NET PC based Access Control multi-lingual software, magnetic door release, push button, break glass and 10 Smart Cards. It features early warning LED's, audible alerts, tamper detection. It also adheres to international security standards applicable to Access Control systems; EN50133 Parts 1, 7 and 2; GW18, PC79 and DD243I2002.

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