Access control software can operate site gates or doors

A company faces a hefty fine after four men were found illegally working on its premises. If the employer, Sher Foods, is unable to provide evidence that legally-required checks were carried out before giving the jobs to illegal workers, up to £10,000 will be imposed for each offender. David Griffiths, head of the UK Border Agency's north Wales local immigration team, said more operations to tackle immigration offenders were planned. "Illegal working has a serious impact on communities, taking jobs from those who are genuinely allowed to work," he said.

Tensor access control and visitor control products give you total control over employee access plus the ability to register and monitor any contractors or visitors to your premises. Access control software can control your site’s gates, doors or barriers. The WinACnet software, the latest in our proven range of Windows™ systems, creates alarm messages when predetermined actions take place, or if a forced entry occurs. These alarms are immediately emailed to a specified address. Optionally a warning email can be sent if communications to the PC are lost.

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