Access Control Systems and Integrated Security Solutions

Access Control Systems and Integrated Security Solutions

Tensor’s access control systems, including smart card access control and biometric access control, have the ability to secure your site and give you peace-of-mind that your assets are safe.

According to the Office for National Statistics, excluding fraud and computer misuse, the UK has seen a continuous fall in theft rates from 1981 until 2021. However, these crime and theft rates are still around and we will almost certainly never see the back of them. There were almost 3 million theft offences recorded in 2020, which dropped drastically by 18% from 2019 almost certainly due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This article sets out to explain exactly how Tensor’s access control systems work, and how both smart card access control and biometric access control systems have the ability to help your business fight against these rates and deter unwanted visitors or unauthorised personnel from your premises.

Smart Card Access Control

Tensor’s smart card readers allow users to be in complete control of doors and entry/exit points within their building as well as surrounding areas such as car parks and storage spaces. Smart cards are completely contactless and can be read by the smart card readers within a short proximity. Smart card access control enables employers to ensure that only authorised personnel are granted access into a specific on-site area or room for both safety and security reasons.

Access Control Systems and Integrated Security Solutions

A smart card access control system, and a biometric access control system alike, give businesses and business owners the opportunity to be well-equipped to manage the security of their premises and help continue to reduce the theft and crime rates within the UK.

Access Control Systems and Integrated Security Solutions
Access Control Systems and Integrated Security Solutions
Access Control Systems and Integrated Security Solutions
Access Control Systems and Integrated Security Solutions

Biometric Access Control Systems

In addition to smart card access control systems, Tensor also offers top-of-the-range biometric access control systems for businesses and business owners who are looking to take access control and security measures to the next level.

Our biometric access control systems, ranging from fingerprint access control to facial recognition access control, provide businesses and organisations with completely touch-free entry - guaranteeing your access controlled rooms can only be reached by authorised personnel. Biometric access control ensures that smart cards cannot be passed to and from members of staff in order to ‘get around’ access restrictions, ultimately making it impossible to breach access control restrictions.

Not only do our biometric access control systems maintain a safe and secure workplace, but they also prevent unwanted people from entering your site too. Facial recognition access control, as well as fingerprint access control systems, also typically sit at the entrance to your building so unless the unauthorised individual has one of your employees fingers(!), then they won’t be getting in.

Access Control Software

Tensor’s access control software, known as WinTA.NET, is a powerful, secure and highly scalable software platform integral to Tensor’s proven range of Windows-based access control products. It gives users the ability to control a simple door and registration point control, through to a fully computerised global networked access control system.

With WinAC.NET and Tensor’s range of access control readers, you can control most standard types of internal and external electronic, magnetic door releases and devices.

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