Access Control Systems for Better Business Security

Access Control Systems

Installing an Access Control System of any kind is guaranteed to improve the security of not only a business's assets, but also the members of staff on site.

Tensor’s range of Access Control Systems, whether regular Smart Card Access Control or Biometric Access Control, are specifically designed to restrict access and improve security measures for businesses big or small.

Smart Card Access Control Systems

At Tensor, we offer a wide range of Access Control Systems and Solutions for businesses to help manage and restrict the access given on site. One of these is Smart Card Access Control, which comes with a huge range of security benefits.

Smart card access control

Our Contactless Access Control Smart Card Readers ensure that only authorised personnel can access sensitive or protected areas of your building. With the use of Smart Cards, users can easily assign specific access to specific individuals, depending on their requirements. Not only this, but users can set time limits for access, meaning certain doors can be opened at desired times throughout each day - a particularly useful feature for businesses and organisations that have regular visitors as well as ensuring doors cannot be entered after closing hours.

In a nutshell, an Access Control System streamlines the entering and exit process of a building, eliminates the requirement for keys, and enhances the overall level of security of a premises. All of which can be taken to the next level by a Biometric Access Control System, and here’s how.

Access Control brochure

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric Access Control, including Facial Recognition Access Control and Fingerprint Access Control, takes your business security to a level unattainable with regular Smart Card Access Control.

A Biometric System ensures that the actual individual with authorised access must be present when the attempt at gaining access occurs. This ensures that no Smart Cards or Key Fobs can be stolen to gain access into an area where that person is not permitted - ultimately increasing security measures beyond regular Access Control.

Instead, an individual's actual biometric features, such as a person’s real fingerprint or face, must be present in real-time in order to be scanned and accepted by the Biometric Reader. This eliminates any fraudulent attempts at gaining access.

Fingerprint Access Control

With the ability to work both outdoors and indoors, our Fingerprint Access Control Scanners are the perfect security solution for the business world. They give complete control over internal and external doors, meaning every access point can be controlled and monitored if you so wish. Our Fingerprint Scanners also have built in Smart Card Readers to allow for both types of authentication.

Biometric Access Control
Facial recognition Access Control

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial Recognition does exactly what it says it does on the tin; it scans an individual's face to then grant or deny them access.

Facial Recognition offers a totally contactless form of authentication and complete identity protection, making it possibly the strongest form of Access Control Security on the market. Facial Recognition works by scanning an individual’s face and storing coordinates from it, so that next time that person uses the Facial Recognition Terminal, the coordinates are matched to the face in front of them for Access Control purposes.

For more information about our Smart Card Access Control System or Biometric Access Control Systems, please do not hesitate to get in touch or book a demo today.

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