Access Control Systems for Blue Light Services

access control systems for blue light services

An access control system can massively improve the security for police, fire and ambulance stations up and down the country. With the requirement to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, building security and access restriction are second-to-none for our emergency services.

Access control systems have a huge range of benefits for blue light services, including access restriction into sensitive or authorised areas within the station or building. This article is designed to explain how access control benefits police, fire and ambulance services in fine detail, along with the different types of access control available.

Access control systems for emergency services

Our emergency services, whether that’s the police, fire or ambulance service, can all reap the benefits of an access control system. It has the ability to ensure that only authorised personnel are able to gain access into certain areas within the building with the use of advanced smart cards - keeping staff safe as well as ensuring all sensitive paperwork/information remains disclosed and is only accessed by those who are authorised. Additionally, Tensor also offers facial recognition access control, vital for emergency services requiring high levels of security alongside maximum levels of hygiene. It is an all-encompassing system that can be made to specifically meet your requirements.

Police stations benefit from access control systems

Our proximity card readers are controlled only by authorised, activated smart cards. It means that police officers and authorised staff members have a quick, easy and contactless entry into rooms and to files, meaning they can quickly access relevant information for the job at hand. Tensor's smart cards are also completely contactless, ensuring your police station is Covid-friendly and is a safe and hygienic place for all officers and staff. All of our proximity card readers are weather-resistant, meaning they can be used internally and externally, day or night, 365 days a year. So whether it is a night shift or a day shift, an access control system is the perfect security solution for police stations up and down the country.

Prisons can also be of great benefit to Tensor's access control system. This is thanks to the visitor monitoring prison pass, available as part of the access control system. The prison pass is a low cost, computer-based pass system designed for registering each visitor, both on and off-site. It allows prison officers to quickly check the identity and monitor the movements of visitors with integrated CCTV.

Access control systems can also be integrated for time and attendance purposes. This can be particularly useful for police officers when they are out and about on patrol, or away from the office for a period of time but still working. Tensor’s time and attendance self-service module (SSM) is very useful for officers away from the office because it allows them to clock in and out of their shift from their mobile phone via the SSM app. Having the ability to know who is on and off-site, but working, is ideal not only for call outs or addressing public incidents but also as part of fire roll call.

Having first-hand experience of seeing how an access control system can transform a police station and guarantee the ultimate level of security within the building, Tensor is experienced in delivering this service to police stations across the country. Please click the button below to see the thoughts of Paul Williamson, Gateway Programme Manager at West Midlands Police following a Tensor access control system install:

Access control for fire stations

Many of the points for police stations are completely relevant for fire stations and ambulance services too. Similar to police stations, fire stations around the country require operations to be open and running every day of the year - for this reason, an access control system is the perfect solution to ensure maximum security at all times and streamline operations.

Reaction times are a pivotal factor for both police officers and firefighters. Should an emergency call come in, you can rely on Tensor’s access control system to provide instant access through a particular door or into a certain area - allowing immediate access to the life-saving equipment and to the fire engine garages required for the job.

Our access control cards have the ability to have timers, meaning they have cut off times should you so wish. In layman’s terms, this means that the cards will only work during certain pre-set time periods, such as an officer's designated shift. This also means that if a card is lost or misplaced, or even stolen, that it then can’t be used after the time that is set. By simply addressing the card as missing on the system also then deactivates that specific card.

To read what previous fire stations have had to say following the installs of a Tensor access control and time and attendance system, click the button below:

Facial recognition access control for ambulance services

Facial recognition access control is the highest level of access control security available. A facial recognition access control system is a camera-based reader that typically sits at the entrance of a building, or to a specific/access-controlled room.

It works using computer algorithms to pick out specific, distinctive details about a person’s face, such as the distance between the eyes or shape of the chin works - even with hospital personal protective equipment on, the facial recognition access control system is still likely to work. These algorithms are then converted into a mathematical representation and compared to data on other faces collected in a face recognition database.

Although it is effective for all blue light services, it is possibly the most important for the ambulance service and in hospitals. This is due to facial recognition being completely contactless, making the workplace more hygienic and allowing medics, nurses and doctors to ensure that they are not spreading viruses and germs.

If you are wanting to learn more, or are sitting there thinking ‘what is facial recognition access control?’, be sure to click the link to read our helpful guide.

Access control software for blue light services

Along with Tensor’s access control hardware comes our unrivalled access control software. Known as WinAC.NET, is a powerful and secure software platform that allows users to easily control alarms, break glass buttons, door locks, door release buttons, fingerprint readers and CCTV cameras – allowing police officers, police staff, firefighters, and ambulance staff to have an overview of the organisation from the comfort of their office or even from home.

For those integrating time and attendance within their access control system, Tensor also offers an incredibly clever time and attendance software, known as WinTA.NET. It gives you a detailed overview of staff clocking information while providing users with the web-based application – the Self Service Module (SSM) – that allows employees to clock in or out of shifts and book themselves on or off the fire evacuation list via. mobile phone.

ANPR for blue light vehicles

Automatic number plate recognition can play a vital role in the security of an organisation. Often placed at the entrance and/or exit of a car park, ANPR has the ability to read your police car, fire engine or ambulance number plate and should it match with a registered vehicle within your access control software database, it can automatically lift the car park barrier and grant access to those vehicles that are authorised.

Accreditations blue light services can trust

Tensor’s impressive list of accreditations is another reason why companies have complete trust in our security systems. We adhere to necessary procedures and meet requirements of the utmost standard. Tensor are accredited with Secured by Design, a national police project focusing on the design and security for new and refurbished homes, commercial premises and car parks as well as the acknowledgement of quality security products and crime prevention projects. Other accreditations include BSIA, Cyber Essentials and ISO. Please click below to see the full list of accreditations:

Framework: security with confidence

Tensor is accredited with the Eastern Shires Procurement Organisation (ESPO) Security and Surveillance Framework. This framework can offer you a range of access solutions, associated services, support and maintenance for you to feel confident in your security needs.

This ESPO framework provides public authorities, complete access to a range of security and surveillance solutions including public and private space CCTV, access control, intruder detection and ANPR.

If you are interested in knowing more about any of Tensor’s access control or time and attendance systems, or if you would like to inquire about getting a quote, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today, who will be happy to help.

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