Access control systems for companies include real time monitoring of doors left open

Police say all manner of public buildings, businesses and even road signs are being targeted for thefts and the problem will get worse if metal prices continue their startling rise. British Transport Police told the BBC website metal theft was on the increase. A BTP spokesman said: "It can be very difficult for businesses to be totally secure from theft, which can often involve copper piping bringing in gas to their premises or cables bringing in electricity."

Businesses can fight back against the criminals by installing Tensor's security and Access Control products for both large and small companies. A Windows™ based system, Tensor Access is modular in design, thus allowing you to build your access control system to match your specific requirements. Using smart card technology, access readers can be located out of sight – even hidden behind brick walls – yet they provide secure entry for authorised personnel. The systems include real-time monitoring of doors left open, diagrammatically illustrated on an overlay plan of your actual site.

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