Access Control Systems for Office Spaces

Access Control Systems for Office Spaces

Ensuring the safety and securing of an office space with an Access Control System is crucial for both employees and building security.

By installing an Access Control System for your office building, whether it's operated using smart cards or you favour the use of Facial Recognition, not only will employees feel safe at their place of work, but you can rest assured that the entire building is locked down and a no-go zone for potential trespassers.

Access Control Systems for Offices

There are different options when it comes to choosing the right Access Control solution for your Office building or Office space. The question is, which Access Control System is better suited to your business and your office space? Take a look as we break down the ins and outs of a Smart Card Access Control System, as well as Biometric Access Control Systems.

Access Control Systems for Office Spaces

Is your Office suited to Smart Card Access Control?

Smart Card Access Control is, of course, controlled using smart cards that have a unique range of access depending on who they are assigned to. For example, should an employee require full range of access into all rooms and buildings, then the level of access on their smart card can be matched to their requirements. Alternatively, if an employee does not have the rights to access a specific room, be that for safety or other reasons, then that smart card can easily have its access restricted.

So, is your office suited to a Smart Card Access Control System? The answer is yes! Not only will it provide a tougher security measure than regular door locks, but it will also minimise the amount of keys required to get around the building (and minimise the risk of losing keys).

Smart Card Access Control

Not only this, but Smart Card Access Control is also the cheaper option of installing Access Control. If your building has hundreds of doors that need controlling, and you are on a tight security budget, then a Smart Card Access Control System is perfectly suited to you.

Is your Office suited to Biometric Access Control?

Biometric Access Control can be operated through the use of facial recognition or fingerprints. Much like smart card access control, each biometric feature of an employee can have a unique range of access applied to it, once stored in the access control database.

Biometric Access Control

How do you know if your office space is suited to Biometric Access Control? It largely depends on the budget and the level of security required. Yes, a facial recognition access control system is slightly more expensive than an access control system controlled using smart cards, but both facial recognition and fingerprint access control will provide your Office space with an unrivalled level of business security.

When using either a facial recognition access control system or a fingerprint access control system, you can be sure that only the specific individual can gain access at any point. This is due to it being impossible to share biometric features/readings, which is possible when using smart card access control as smart cards can be shared from employee to employee.

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