Agency stand-in staff costing NHS £1bn a year, report suggests


Locum medical staff will cost the NHS around 1 billion pounds in 2015/2015, as the service is having some major issues in recruiting permanent members of staff, recent figures have been able to reveal.

Almost 85 per cent of locum shift doctors were needed to cover unfilled staff vacancies this year, an increase of 18.6 per cent in the last six months, according to analysis from Liaison, a financial consultancy for the NHS.

The analysis of 51 trusts’ spending on locums over the 2015/16 financial year, also revealed that one stand-in doctor is set to earn nearly £500,000 this year, after working an average of 77 hours a week. Working this number of hours is possible because non-junior doctors can opt out of the EU working time directive cap of 48 hours.

Tensor workforce management systems are the perfect tool for temporary staff management

Advanced staffing, employee monitoring and time and attendance solutions play an important part in the overall management of hospitals. By sharing employee-related information across multiple units (hospitals) in an organization (NHS Trust), patients will benefit from greater consistency in care and healthcare organizations will realize improved staff engagement and a reduction in labor costs.

Additionally, time and attendance systems provide the data required for organizations to better manage both tactically as well as providing a future view of workforce requirements based on the strategic plans of the organization.

Last, but certainly not least, human resources modules implemented across T&A systems enabled HR departments to manage the available talent pool and keep employees engaged and satisfied by providing them with incentives that go beyond salary, such as continuing education and tuition assistance.

Tensor offers a comprehensive range of workforce monitoring and management options, that can be used by NHS trusts in order to staff at optimal levels, match roles with patient requirements, improve employee satisfaction and also elevate the overall level of care delivered.

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