Airport security market to hit 8.21 billion pounds ($12.67 billion) by 2023, report suggests

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The overall worldwide investments in airport security solutions are likely to top 8.21 billion pounds ($12.67 billion) by 2023, figures from the Frost & Sullivan’s ‘Global Airport Security Technology Market Assessment’ report have been able to reveal.

The research found that the airport security market earned revenues of $8.22 billion in 2014 and estimated that this could reach $12.67 billion by 2023, a news source can reveal. Covering perimeter security, command, control and integration, cybersecurity, communications, surveillance, access control, and screening the report found that cutting-edge technologies in the screening, big data and integration markets are particularly driving upgrades and new investments in the airport security market.

Despite predicting rapid growth, the report stated that budgetary constraints have been an obstacle. Combined with this, the effectiveness of existing legacy systems in combating current threats have discouraged airport operators from purchasing new solutions that do not demonstrate tangible return on investment.

“Clearly, the market for airport security technologies is highly reactive in that it only looks to address known threats rather than prevent unknown threats alongside,” noted Frost & Sullivan Aerospace & Defense Research Analyst Robert Haddon. “Once end users adopt a more proactive approach to dealing with evolving threats, the airport security technology market will witness more traction.”

Tensor – the supplier of choice for airport security systems

Tensor has an extensive experience in installing CCTV systems and commissioning comprehensive video management solutions for large multi-site facilities. We provide total security management solutions, fully scalable end to end integrated solutions capable of managing, via a single platform, multiple video sources including Thermal Optics as well as our wide range of other systems including Access Control, Ground Radar Detection, Intruder Detection and number plate recognition.

Our solutions are custom designed to meet our clients needs and are designed to manage anything from small single sites to city wide systems to national multi site solutions.

Using products from the Tensor Partner range, our security solutions deliver the highest performance in the industry and customers are assured of receiving the most reliable systems available.

One of the latest and most advanced technologies adopted by Tensor is BioSurveillance NEXT developed by Herta Security, a high performance video-surveillance solution for facial recognition, specially designed for the simultaneous identification of subjects in crowded and changeable environments.

This top-range technology is optimized for environments with large crowds in constant movement, such as airports, metro and train stations, shopping centres, sports stadiums and urban centres, and makes it possible to record subjects automatically through (on-the-fly) video capture. The system works correctly even with partial facial concealment, wearing of glasses, handkerchiefs or caps, changes in facial expression, difficult lighting conditions and slight rotations of the face.

Another advanced technology developed by Herta is BioAccess, which ties in with Tensor’s extensive experience in the access control solutions’ segment. This technology employs face biometrics in order to identify a user from access control lists and to verify their identity, as well as check their access rights to specific parts of the site.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of CCTV surveillance solutions supplied by Tensor, just contact our dedicated team or Book a Demo, we’ll be more than happy to answer all of the questions and queries you might have.

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