Alarms or door locks can be connected to clocking stations

A court heard how a man got past a security cordon in order to protest against the Prime Minister. The defence in the recent trial of 23-year-old Stuart Rodger said the cordon he encountered was someone asking if he had a pass; and that he only made it a few metres into the room. The Prime Minister was addressing hundreds of Conservatives in a speech at the time. At Glasgow Sheriff Court the offender was handed a community payback order.

A variety of Access Control security devices and releases can be connected via the Tensor T8424 scanner control unit including: alarms or hooters, door locks and scanners. A Tensor T32xx clocking station can have up to 12 T8424 scanner controllers attached to it. Each T8424 scanner controller can have combinations of up to two T149x access point scanners or fingerprint readers, giving your organisation full control over who is allowed access to your premises through any controlled point at any time of day.

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