Anti intruder magnetic door release can be installed without PC connection

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was today (Monday) accused live on television of war crimes by an intruder. The footage of the protester was captured because Mr Blair at the time was giving evidence about the influence of the media on politics. The protestor shouted accusations about the Iraq war at the ex-PM before being removed from the Royal Courts of Justice. Mr Blair went on to deny all allegations made by the man.

Tensor access control devices ensure that intruders do not gain entry to your premises. The Tensor T3512 Low Cost 1 Scanner System involves magnetic door release with built in door monitoring using a smart card scanner. The T3512 can be installed without a PC connection. Here, it is easily installed and set up using a Master Card to add or delete users. Whilst the T3511 controller performs best when connected to a PC, using it in standalone mode means it can function in the simplest of environments, with minimal fuss.

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