Anxiety over job security has adverse effects on workforce planning, recruitment experts suggest

Having a potential successor in their team would almost 39% of UK managers feel uncertain about their job security, fresh research from recruitment experts Office Angels has revealed.

Anxiety over job security has adverse effects on workforce planning, recruitment experts suggest image 1

The study surveyed over 500 UK managers and results suggest that a large number of respondents are weary of aspiring colleagues, rather than tapping into the potential value such a person would be able to provide for his or her superiors. In fact, 24% of managers answered that they would feel so expendable if there was a potential successor for their job that they would have to leave the company.

On the flipside, six in ten (59%) managers recognise that a potential successor would allow them to share their workload, while 41% believe that a successor could help them aim for their next move or promotion.

Despite making clear the benefits of having a workforce plan in place, over half (51%) of those surveyed are yet to identify a successor for themselves. A vital strand of workforce planning is succession planning and upskilling the internal talent pool.

“Only a third (34%) of companies surveyed have a workforce plan in place for senior employees, and this should be extended to include the entire team. Organisations naturally lose employees – and a certain amount can sometimes reinvigorate teams – but workforce planning can respond to employee churn rate by ensuring that there are well-qualified people ready to quickly assume positions at every level”.

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