Assessment of your human resource systems for Points-based migration

A new points- based system to enable the UK to control migration more effectively, tackle abuse and identify the most talented workers was launched by the Home Secretary.

The Home Secretary called on industry and education sectors to play their role in making migration work for Britain, and reminded them that they had a responsibility to help make the new scheme a success.

The points based system is a central part of the Government’s five year strategy for asylum and immigration, which was published in February 2005, and is committed to a wide-ranging plan:

  • to ensure that only those who benefit Britain can come here to work or study
  • to strengthen the UK’s borders; to crack down on abuse and illegal immigration
  • and increase removals. Its implementation is a key Government priority

The scheme will be complemented with a tougher approach from our own British embassies abroad to weed out false applications and will place increased obligations on UK businesses and universities who will now be required to sponsor migrants and help to ensure that those they sponsor adhere to the terms of their visa.

As part of the new legislation your human resource (HR) systems and compliance while employing migrants is rated when you apply for a licence to sponsor migrants under the points-based system to work or study.

They assess five individual areas of your HR systems, which are:

  • Area 1: Monitoring immigration status and preventing illegal employment
  • Area 2: Maintaining migrant contact details
  • Area 3: Recordkeeping
  • Area 4: Migrant tracking and monitoring
  • Area 5: Recruitment practices and professional accreditations

You must mostly achieve a rating of 1 in each of the five areas to get the top rating for your HR systems overall.

They also assess your past compliance with immigration law while employing migrants and will give you an A rating or B rating, or refuse or withdraw your licence.

They assess:

  • whether you have the correct human resource (HR) systems to make sure that you can meet your sponsorship duties; and
  • whether you are complying with, or have previously complied with, the work permit arrangements and other immigration law.

With these new regulations it would be very hard to pass the assesments unless you have a computersied Personnel System.

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