Attendance network inserts breaks if an employee does not clock them

Conservative MP Mark Pritchard said extending Sunday trading hours would not “necessarily bring about significant growth”. He added in his objections: “A lot of people don’t want to have to work on Sundays… they want some downtime.” The prime minister’s official spokesman stated that there had been a specific act of parliament to extend trading hours during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, when asked about a permanent change in the law, he said the issue needed to be looked at.

Has your firm had to consider significantly changing its operation and working hours? A Tensor Time & Attendance system gives you complete control over hours, rosters, pay bands and holidays. You can define multiple paid or unpaid breaks and ask the WinTA Time & Attendance system to insert breaks if an employee doesn’t clock them. Periodic Overtime is used to calculate overtime on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Standard reports include: Weekly clock card, Lateness Report, Payroll Summary, Absence Summary and Exceptions.

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