Attendance recording station has uninterruptible power supply in case of mains failure

Another local authority is seeking to take a large slice off its total workforce following the Government’s deficit-busting Spending Review. Lancashire County Council needs to trim £180 million from its budget over the next three years. The GMB union said it is very hard to see where new jobs were to come from to replace the potential 6,000 job losses. It added: “It is also very difficult to see that there will be enough volunteers prepared to leave their jobs in the absence of alternative employment."

Featuring comprehensive user-definable working patterns, rosters and shifts, Tensor offers a complete smart card Time and Attendance system. WinTAStart.NET includes a T32xx Smart Card clocking station, 25 Smart Cards, software including all the features to manage time and attendance recording for up to 50 people. Clocking station features include: 1MB on-board memory; a 6 line x 21 character / graphics display; a control output which can operate an electronic lock or shift change siren; and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in case of mains failure.

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