Austria’s Itchy Feet

With three months still remaining of the current British EU presidency, Austria are already making plans for when they take over in the new year. Reform of the working time directive is likely to be at the forefront of the agenda, together with increasing workforce flexibility across Europe as a whole.

Austria has expressed that it forsees no deal being made on amendments to the working time directive during the UK’s presidency particularly because of Britain’s acute position on the issue.

At the beginning of its presidency, the UK had said it wanted to try and get a deal on the law, but as time drags on this is looking increasingly unlikely especially considering that the directive has also passed through the two preceding presidencies without any compromise being found.

London remains strongly opposed to dropping it’s long-standing opt out from this employment law, which has been in place since 1993, and has since sought votes from other EU countries to support its position.

Tensor manufactures, supplies, and installs time and attendance systems that fully comply with the EU Working Time Directive, ensuring that your company remains compliant with this highly cantankerous legislation.

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