Automatic barriers can operate alongside an installed access control system

A man appeared before magistrates over a case of ‘cowboy clamping’ following an incident when a doctor paid £120 after his car was clamped and reported suspicions about the matter to police. London resident Joseph Ty Hedley Fox was accused of engaging in conduct when not licensed by the private security industry legislation which governs car clamping. He was cleared after a trial because it was uncertain the money paid by the doctor was to remove the clamp or was simply a parking fee.

The Tensor range of automatic car park barriers is the number one solution for controlling vehicle access to your site's car park and road entry points. Immediately able to recognise and allow or deny access to personnel, Tensor's parking barriers cater for all sizes of premises and are highly adaptable. Their features include: an extruded aluminium barrier arm, high visibility red reflective striping, arm lengths of up to six metres; and require no routine maintenance. The barriers are also capable of operating alongside any installed control or ticketing systems.

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