Automatic barriers securely control vehicle access to sites

A former Scotland Yard commander has said a heist on two of the capital's most upmarket shops may have been an inside job. Raiders smashed windows at Omega and De Beers jewellery stores in the Royal Exchange shopping centre in the City of London on Saturday night. Ex-Flying Squad officer John O'Connor told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "The villains did not drive up on the off-chance they could get through security gates. There is always the suspicion that they had somebody on the inside."

Tensor’s technology is ideal for the current security climate with its access control range. Automatic barriers can be installed at the entrance to your site and enable you to securely control vehicle access. At this point you are able to allow or deny access to anyone visiting your site. Barriers can be controlled remotely, from your reception area; or locally, from a guard post next to the barrier. Smart cards can be used to automatically open the gate when an authorised member of staff needs to get in. Accurate records of any visitors are stored within the monitoring software.

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