Automatic bollards a trusted way to control access to restricted facilities

A series of depots were targeted by officers seeking illegal scrap in London on Monday and Tuesday, resulting in 10 arrests and a number of stolen cars being recovered. Also among a stack of suspected stolen objects found in the capital were many memorial plaques. Two metal cutting machines were unearthed at one business as police executed a search warrant. Both the owner of the yard and one of its employees were charged in connection with the raid.

Tensor can help stem the tide in stolen metal by beefing up security at scrap yards. Tried and tested in a range of environments, automatic bollards are a trusted way to control access to private roads and restricted parking facilities. The bollards limit vehicle access to a specific location and can easily be lowered when passage is authorised, typically within three seconds. An access control device, such as a smart card, can be combined with your automatic bollards, enabling quick and easy raising and lowering of the post.

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