Automatic email reporting informs managers about missing employees due at work

Following a ballot over a pay offer by members of the Communications Workers Union (CWU), more than 100 TV Licensing staff went on a 24-hour walkout. CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey said members are facing a pay cut in real terms. He added: “We're asking for a simple improvement in their pay offer which at 2.6% is almost half the rate of inflation.” The company concerned, Capita, said workers had received a “good and fair offer” considering the economic climate.

As well as all aspects of clocking recording and payroll export, Tensor’s WinTAnet computerised Time and Attendance network handles absence planning and entitlement management. Graphical calendar charts in the WinTAnet software provides a colourful way of viewing an individual's or a department's absence records. Each employee can be allocated different entitlements for absence such as annual leave or allowed sickness. The Tensor system quickly identifies missing employees that are expected to be at work and then informs you via automatic email reporting.

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