Automatic fire roll call generation ensures safety of your workforce

Eleven engines and 70 firefighters were required to bring under control a big fire which started in a restaurant building. The conflagration had begun in the kitchen area of the Glasgow premises, spreading quickly to the upper floors and roof. A family who lived above in a flat had to be rescued. A fire services spokesman added: "Due to the construction of these property types, hidden fire spread via enclosed voids and spaces, and they are notoriously difficult and dangerous for crew to tackle."

Tensor's security and clocking products can be integrated with fire roll call software that will automatically generate a report in the event of a fire or other emergency. The report contains the crucial information concerning who is on site. As employees assemble at their fire roll call points, they use their smart cards or key fobs to record their presence. The automatic report generation of highly accurate attendance reports makes this a must-buy item for any employers concerned with the safety and welfare of their workforce.

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