Automatic text messaging of staff holiday request authorisations at work

Campus safety will not be compromised by industrial action. That was the message from bosses at Coventry University after a week-long strike over plans to outsource the work of security staff. The university said it takes the issue of student and staff safety very seriously, and stated it “can confidently reiterate the assurances of our protection service providers that the secure environment on our campus and at halls of residence will not be adversely affected by any proposed industrial action.”

Web enabled, mobile and wireless technology based Time & Attendance from Tensor ensures both accurate staff absence monitoring and entitlement, plus it ensures the safety of employees. The WinTA time and attendance system performs the latter function by incorporating fire roll call technology. The Fire Roll Call reporting is directly from the clock, automatically triggered by fire alarm activation. It automatically emails or SMS text messages both employees and system users concerning any employee holiday request authorisations or refusals.

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