Axminster Carpets saved despite big layoffs

After going into administration back in March, the 258 year-old Axminster Carpets has been saved by a group of local business people, a news report reveals.

The company has been supplying carpets for government and even royalty for a very long time, but went into serious financial trouble over the past couple of years, due to the financial crisis. Following this deal, Axminster Carpets’ factory and two outlet stores in Devon will remain open, while around 100 people will also manage to keep their jobs. Unfortunately, 300 employees were already made redundant last month.

When an important company goes through the type of turmoil Axminster Carpets has experienced over the past couple of months, the presence of a very solid Time and Attendance and Access control system is extremely important, and this is exactly where Tensor’s WinTA Enterprise.NET can really prove its worth.

The WinTA Enterprise.NET holds details for up to 2000 employees, including a photograph of each person, if required, and allows users to easily search for the particular details regarding a specific employee.

Furthermore, the system makes very good use of tensor smart cards and key fobs that can be used to operate your WinTA Enterprise time and attendance system. The proximity read method of the cards and fobs means that they will never wear out, and dust and residue picked up from the working environment presents no risk of clogging the reader.

Additionally, the smart card-based access control system makes it extremely easy for employers to restrict access to a certain site after the employee’s contract has been terminated, which makes it extremely useful in those cases when large number of people have been made redundant.

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