Bar coded visitor pass prevents document fraud at your site

Fake tickets for concerts and events, advertised for little more than face value, are being used to fleece millions of pounds. Consumers are told by fraudsters to claim the money back from their banks for the ‘unavailable’ items. Under the Lending Code, which most UK banks have signed up to, innocent victims of fraud on debit or credit cards will not suffer any financial loss unless they have acted negligently. Cunning fraudsters will even buy sponsored online links, to make it look like what they are ‘selling’ is genuine.

So that your company is not taken in by fake documents, Tensor offers a low cost PC computer based Visitor Management and Visitor Pass production system that controls, records and monitors the arrivals and departures of an organisation’s visitors and contractors. On arrival at a site, a full colour photograph is taken and personal details are recorded and digitally stored. Once the details are safely stored within the PC, an inexpensive bar coded pass is then issued containing a photograph, name and validation dates.

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