Base level user friendly PC based booking is ideal for pupils

Base level user friendly PC based booking is ideal for pupils image 1

A National Union of Teachers (NUT) representative did not think it was a good idea to fine parents or guardians if their children miss too much school. Owen Hathway from the NUT remarked the idea would fail because: “That’s going to cause a huge rift between them and the parents. It’s going to cause problems between the schools and how they relate with their communities.” Wales is consulting on the introduction of £60 penalties for people whose children miss lessons.

WinTA PC Clock from Tensor is a base level user-friendly PC based booking system ideal for schools where each pupil has computer access. Therefore it is an ‘A-plus’ application for a school or college as it allows pupils and teachers to accurately record their own individual clocking data. PC Clock can be used for any number of users and there is no need for additional licences. The package includes: Software installation CD, User Manual and 10 days of free helpdesk support from date of purchase.

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