Biometric clocking device eliminates chances of incorrect office scannings

The Aslef union is protesting at plans to reduce pension contributions, and train drivers who are members will soon be on strike. Aslef general secretary Mick Whelan said of the pension scheme deficit: “Our members face the prospect of either cripplingly high contribution rates or reduced benefits.” Transport giant Stagecoach, who own the trains affected, retorted that the public will be “shocked and angry” that strikes are being planned at a time of “great national pride” during the Olympics.

Tensor has a range of clocking devices and networks, and biometrics can be added to your time and attendance system. Biometrics measures unique human characteristics as a way to provide irrefutable proof of identity, for example, finger scanning. A biometric scanner from Tensor (pictured) works by bouncing electro-magnetic waves off the live tissue and blood flow underneath a person’s skin in order to form a picture of the structure of the print. By actually reading below the skin, the chances of incorrect scannings are eliminated.

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