Biometric Clocking In Systems For Perfect Attendance Management

Biometric Clocking In Systems For Perfect Attendance Management

Tensor’s Biometric Clocking In Systems, including Fingerprint Scanners and Facial Recognition, are the perfect Time Management Systems for the HR department of all business types.

Fingerprint Clocking In System

Fingerprint Scanners, a fast, efficient and reliable Biometric Time & Attendance System, is one of the most dependable Time & Attendance Solutions available. Not only does Fingerprint Clocking In allow employees to clock in and out of shifts in a matter of seconds, but a Fingerprint Scanner also ensures that the actual employee must be present in real time, ultimately eliminating budding punching and providing a real and accurate recording of an employee's working hours.

Fingerprint clocking in system
Biometric Clocking In System

This isn’t just a bonus for HR Departments, Managers and Employers, but it also makes sure that employees cannot be underpaid and will receive the pay packet that they have worked for. This is all thanks to the Fingerprint Recognition Software, explained further on in this article.

Facial Recognition Time and Attendance

Much like Fingerprint Scanning, a Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System is a fast and reliable Time Management System. Installing a Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System can have endless benefits for your business/organisation. The first of these is the fact that Facial Recognition is completely contactless. It allows employees to clock in and out of their shifts completely touch-free, while instantly validating an employee's to streamline the clocking in process.

The second benefit of a Biometric Clocking In System, in this case Facial Recognition Time & Attendance, is the enhanced level of security that it provides. Facial Recognition provides an additional layer of security that Smart Cards and Key Fobs simply cannot provide. It ensures the most accurate and honest attendance recordings and eradicates buddy-punching where employees attempt to clock each other in and out of shifts and commit time fraud.

Facial Recognition Time & Attendance

Facial Recognition Time & Attendance brochure

Time & Attendance Software

None of the Biometric Time and Attendance Systems would function without a world-class Time and Attendance Software working behind the scenes for HR teams as well as employees to utilise.

Tensor’s Time and Attendance Software, known as WinTA.NET, is the brains behind all of our Time and Attendance Systems, including our Biometric Systems. It’s a web-based technology that allows HR teams to keep tabs on 20 to over 10,000 employees, including absence reports, fire roll call and payroll functions.

In addition to this, our Time and Attendance Software is extremely beneficial for employees too. With the use of our Self-Service Module (SSM), a web-based application, employees can clock themselves in and out of shifts and book themselves on or off the fire evacuation list all from the comfort of a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer.

Employees can also use SSM to request new absences, delete upcoming absence requests or cancel approved absence requests. Requests can also be made to add missed clocking’s, amend or delete clocking’s made by mistake.

For more information regarding our Biometric Clocking In Systems, or indeed our regular Time & Attendance Systems, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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