Biometric readers enable improved site access security

Implementing a secure, biometrics-based access control solutions should be quite a high priority for any company out there, especially those dealing extensively with sensitive of confidential information and data.

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Biometrics is the technique of studying the physical characteristics of a person such as your fingerprint, hand geometry, eye structure or voice pattern, and using the data obtained by measuring unique human characteristics as a way to provide irrefutable proof of identity, for example, finger or iris scanning or dynamic signature verification.

The main application of biometrics is the identification and verification of individuals and may be carried out by a variety of methods, the most popular of which are fingerprinting, iris/retinal scans and facial recognition scans.

Tensor has an extensive level of experience in the field of time and attendance and access control systems, so it can help you install the most secure and reliable biometrics equipment, while in the same time keeping within your set budget for this task.

We offer a range of biometric-based products, our most popular series being the T34xx family of fingerprint readers.

Designed specifically for those who want peace-of-mind, certainty and the assurance that only the right people can gain access to your sensitive or dangerous areas, these biometric access solutions come packed in a very elegant and stylish case, while in the same time being extremely easy to use.

Furthermore, the T34xx works very well with Tensor’s Smart Card Access scanners, allowing users to mix fingerprint reading and non-fingerprint reading scanners on the same security network.

Several different models are available in the T34xx series, so our engineers will be able to easily help you choose the specific version that best suits your company’s security needs and requirements.

If you’d like to find out more about the Biometrics access control solutions supplied by Tensor, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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