Biometric scanner provides more effective security authorisation at a premises

“I’ve got a gun, empty the till,” a man said to a terrified pair of shop workers in an attempted raid. One of the couple, Anila Ali, was serving a customer when the incident happened. She said: “He dipped his hand into the till and my instinct was to grab his hand and pull it out.” Thirty-six year-old Paul Lugton, who fled empty-handed, has been jailed for 14 months after admitting attempted robbery at the premises in south-east Scotland.

Tensor can install smart card access control scanner systems for all manner of commercial premises. For more effective security authorisation of an individual, Tensor uses biometrics which is the technique of studying the physical characteristics of a person such as your fingerprint, hand geometry, eye structure or voice pattern. A T3400 biometric scanner adds high security, dermal fingerprint checking to your access control system. Using impact-resistant casing, the T3400 can be installed with a new system or retro-fitted to your existing clocking stations.

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