Biometric Security Breakthrough

Biometric security, at least in theory, has been around
for a decade. But the use of biometrics for computer security and user
authentication has failed to attract much practical interest to date because the
clunky devices were costly, inconvenient and intrusive.

All that is about to change with the introduction of the Tensor range of
"plug and play" biometric fingerprint scanners. A finger scan is
required to gain log-on access to the computer and its contents, delivering
simplified access to password-protected personal and financial information, web
sites, documents and e-mail.

The bar has been raised on security for the entire PC industry. What was once
considered sci-fi technology is now available to all PC and notebook users.

The subdermal capabilities of the Tensor range mean that the biometric scanners
capture more than just the fingertip’s surface area, helping to prevent
misidentification. By actually scanning the subdermal layer of skin, even
fingerprints contaminated by dirt and grease can accurately be scanned.

The recognition process takes less than a second, with the fingerprint having
been scanned and compared to the previously stored templates of authorised

In addition, registration of authorised users is quick and easy, and is ideal
for beginners or experienced computer users alike.

We have three different models of "plug & play" fingerprint scanner,
guaranteed to fulfill your biometric requirements.

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