Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions for Businesses

biometric time and attendance

Our biometric facial recognition and fingerprint recognition systems use state-of-the-art biometric technology to eliminate ‘buddy punching’ by your employees.

We have a first-class range of biometric clocking systems to suit the needs and requirements of businesses of all shapes and sizes and to fit in any budget amount. This article explains everything you need to know about our biometric time and attendance systems as well as why your business needs one.

Why should I use Biometrics?

Tensor is the UK’s number 1 provider of biometric time and attendance as well as combined time and attendance and access control solutions for a vast range of well-known and respected companies across the country. We are specialists in all kinds of biometric time and attendance solutions, including facial recognition time and attendance as well as hand and fingerprint recognition.

biometric time and attendance

Our biometric facial recognition and thermal detection cameras have the ability to not only grant or deny access or clock employees in and out of shifts, but they can improve the safety measures of your workplace by measuring employees' temperatures before entering the premises.

Prevent employees from coming to work with high temperatures and spreading illnesses with our biometric face recognition and thermal/temperature detection solutions. Not only will our systems detect a high temperature, but they will also not allow individuals with high temperatures to be allowed into the building - putting health and safety as the number 1 priority.

biometric time and attendance
biometric time and attendance

Fingerprint Biometrics is the perfect time and attendance and access control solution for your business, here’s why

  • It eliminates ‘buddy punching’ meaning employees cannot clock each other in and out of shifts using smart cards
  • Unauthorised personnel are denied access on site or to restricted areas of the building
  • Smart cards or keyfobs can be lost, a fingerprint cannot. This provides an extra security measure
  • Once installed, there are no on-going costs with a biometric system whereas if a smart card is lost it will cost to replace it
  • Little to no maintenance is required
  • Fingerprint biometric systems are extremely accurate, quick to implement, and cost effective

Installing a biometric system, be it for time and attendance or access control purposes, can sometimes give employees the feeling that they aren't trusted - but please rest assured that the benefits will soon change an employees mind. Biometric time and attendance collects such accurate data that it ensures an error-free payroll for employers and employees, a safer workplace with more reliable fire roll call reports. Not only this, but biometric access control provides both employers and employees with a safer working environment with the peace-of-mind knowing only authorised personnel can access the site.

Don’t just take our word for it…

biometric time and attendance

“I’ve always been an advocate for Tensor. It works. When you clock in and clock out, it works so well.”

- Amanda Hughes, HR & Payroll Administrator, Lancashire Fire & Rescue

As mentioned earlier, we are trusted and well-respected by so many big name companies up and down the UK… and our impressive case studies list backs this up. Check out our case studies page via the button below.

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