Biometric Time & Attendance vs Smart Card Time & Attendance

Biometric Time & Attendance vs Smart Card Time & Attendance

Biometric Time and Attendance or Smart Card Time and Attendance? Both can have huge benefits for every type of business. But which time and attendance system is best suited for you?

This article will help make up your mind when coming to decide if your business is better suited to a Biometric Time and Attendance System or whether a standard Smart Card Time and Attendance System is sufficient.

What is Biometric Time & Attendance?

Biometric time and attendance is an employee clocking system that requires biometric features (such as a face or fingerprints) to clock themselves in and out of shifts / on or off the fire roll call.

Often placed at the entry and exit of a workplace, a biometric time and attendance system gives employers or managers an extremely accurate and honest recording of working hours.

Different types of Biometric Time & Attendance Systems

There are two main types of biometric time and attendance systems; facial recognition time and attendance and fingerprint time and attendance. Let’s delve a bit deeper into how each one works.

Facial recognition time & attendance systems

A facial recognition time and attendance system is capable of matching a human face to a digital image stored on a database of faces. It ensures personnel identification, while clocking that individual in or out of a shift, as well as adding or removing them from the fire roll call for safety purposes. Facial recognition time and attendance is the perfect time and attendance solution for businesses that want a clocking system that gives a strict and extremely accurate method of recording employees working hours. Not to mention, facial recognition also completely eradicates time fraud and ‘buddy-punching’.

Biometric Time and Attendance

Fingerprint time & attendance

Fingerprint time and attendance systems are fashioned in a similar way to facial recognition. They scan the employees fingerprint in order to clock them in or out of shifts or breaks. Fingerprint time and attendance offers organisations a strict and accurate clocking system, ensuring not only fast and reliable registration, but also guaranteeing that the actual employee must be present when clocking themselves in or out of shifts.

Smart Card Time & Attendance Systems

A standard time and attendance system, used with smart cards, gives businesses the exact same end goal as that of a biometric time and attendance system. However, the smart card readers, used with a regular time and attendance system, simply scan an employee's smart card or key fob in order to clock them in or out of shifts or breaks.

Time and attendance with the use of smart cards is perfectly suited for businesses or employers who feel they have trustworthy members of staff, or have a smaller, more manageable team.

time and attendance system

The use of smart cards, although easily replaceable and always affordable, has the tendency to be lost, shared between employees, or even stolen.

If you would like more information regarding which time and attendance system is better suited for your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

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